London 1848 Post Office Directory


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Covers central London, and large parts of Middlesex, Surrey, Kent and Essex.

One of the very rare and sought-after earlier directories. The Post Office Directories were the fore-runners (and published by) Kelly's, and set a standard for the new type of county directory.

The contents include: The Official directory, 80 pages of the names of persons holding situations under The Crown.

The Commercial and Professional directory, over 500 pages of people’s names, trades and addresses.

The Court directory, 80 pages of private individuals names and addresses.

The Parliamentary directory, 29 pages of details of the House of Peers and when those peerages were created, the Members of the House of Commons and the surnames of the Peers and Peeresses of the Realm and their eldest sons.

The Postal directory, 72 pages of details of details of the postal system for the whole of Britain.

The City directory, 2 pages of the names of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, Sheriffs and City Officers.

The Banking Directory, 43 pages of details of the banks and institutions

The Assurance directory, over 50 pages of details of Assurance Companies, their trustees, directors and auditors

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