Nottingham 1854 C.N. Wright's Directory & Borough Register


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This book was kindly lent to the project by Suella Postles of the Brewhouse Yard Museum, Nottingham. Unfortunately the book itself is in a very sad condition indeed - literally falling apart, with loose pages, broken covers, and no spine. Funds from the sale of this CD will pay for the rebinding of the book, and complete renovation to its original state. In fact, I am so confident that you will like this CD and will want to add it to your collection, that the book has already gone to the bookbinders.

This is an unusual directory, covering Nottingham itself plus its suburbs, and with the information presented in three ways which makes it really invaluable to the family historian. An alphabetical listing of people, with addresses and trades; a directory of streets, with people and their trades. (And a complete list of yards, terraces, etc., with details of where they are. All the tiny places that are so difficult to locate); a directory of trades, with names and addresses.

Plus a detailed 1860 street map of Nottingham.

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The directory also contains: a calendar, an almanac, information on licenses, taxes and stamp duties, a historical sketch of Nottingham, general description of the town in 1854, the Arboretum, the Castle, information about Inclosure, list of carriers, places of worship (all churches & chapels), public functionaries, public institutions, etc., magistrates, seats of nobility & clergy, British hotel guide, Borough Register.

And also on the CD (not part of the book) we have added: A detailed street map of Nottingham so that you can find the streets as mentioned in the directory; a map of Nottingham and its suburbs (1860) covering the same area as the directory; a complete original 1860 hand-coloured map of the whole county of Nottinghamshire (J. Archer)