Records of the Borough of Nottingham Volumes 1 to 9 1155-1900


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Nine large volumes, each about 500 pages, covering the records of Nottingham from 1155 to 1900, and published from 1882 onwards. Each of the earlier volumes are in Latin and with English translations on the opposite pages.

Each volume is fully indexed for names, places and subjects, and contains an immense amount of information about the history and people of Nottingham, their way of life, court cases, deeds, wills, etc.

This is the most comprehensive collection of transcriptions of original documents of Nottingham, all of which are preserved at the Nottinghamshire Archives.

Each of the volumes contains thousands of names of Nottingham people, and events relating to their lives, in addition to Deeds and Charters affecting the community and district as a whole. The records contain not only all of the official documents of the town, but also reports of other events, lists of burgesses, crimes and petty sessions relating to the normal people, etc.

One of the fascinating aspects of the books is that they illustrate how civilised and structured that town life was even in the early years of Nottingham's history.

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