Sketches of Irish Soldiers in Every Land - 1881


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By Col. James E. McGee, originally published 1881.

This is an interesting and entertaining book of 329 pages which takes a "broad brush" approach to the title subject which, as the author admits in his Preface, " …would require an ordinary lifetime to arrange … with any thing like system, and to record … with a proper degree of clearness and fidelity." Instead he takes a "stroll" through accounts of the experiences and adventures of well known Irishmen warriors who lived through the three centuries leading up to the middle of the 19th Century. Nor, as you might gather from the title, are these adventures conducted solely on Irish soil. The reputation of the "Fighting Irish" was such that they readily found employment, both as individuals as well as ready made fighting units, in many parts of the World - both Old and New.

The majority of the book's chapters concentrate on the highlights of one hero's life and career, but in most cases this also means that the reader is treated to a description of the particular campaign, or war, where the individual played a significant, if not a pivotal, role. The remaining chapters provide a detailed recounting of personal adventures - such as those of Captain Riley who was taken as a slave after his ship was wrecked on the African coast. Or they recount battles important in the history of Ireland, such as the one which provides an account of the Wexford Insurrection from the view point of the regular people of that area. In this case the story is told without singling out any one character in particular for special attention.

Again, in the author's own words, "While selecting prominent characters, and incidentally touching on the relation of important battles, I have endeavored also to preserve as much as possible a chronological sequence, so that those who have neither leisure nor inclination to study the history of the last three centuries, as it elucidates the condition and afflictions of Ireland, may incidentally gain some notion of the motives, aims, and innate strength of her people, while amusing themselves with the moving accounts of practical warfare."

A treasure both for the student of military history and for the genealogists attempting to understand the lives and motivation of their Irish ancestors who followed a military career.

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