Sir William Johnson, Bt. - 1931, (Ontario, Canada) by: Archibald Hope Young (Prof.)


Cat No.:   CAG124:

Content Description: Basically an obituary, giving a review of the significant events and achievements of this Irish born loyalist who came to Canada in the aftermath of US Independence and became the leading representative of aboriginal peoples, particularly those who has served with the British forces. He was popular with the Indians and worked hard on their behalf Starting schools and encouraging Church of England missionaries to come and assist. After the death of his “white” wife he had several relationships with native women, resulting in 10 children.

Gleaned from: Papers & Records Vol. XXVII (1931), Ontario Historical Society, Published: 1931 (The complete source document is available as Catalogue Number CA0171-31)

by: Archibald Hope Young (Prof.)

Size: (pages) 11, (download) 1.2MB

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