Heraldry in Brief - 1906, From: “Acadiensis,” by: Edward Marion Chadwick.


Cat No.:   CAG103:

Despite the original purpose of heraldry being long obsolete we are still fascinated by these colorful and impressive displays of the importance and - frequently - the origins of the families who can find evidence of their ancestors right to bear them. This article provides a concise description of the parts and devices which go to make up a Coat of Arms, or Achievement as it is properly called.

This article explains these various parts and their variants including the manner in which they are combined. In identifying these “rules” the article also explains the archaic language still used to describe the arms, both in form and in color, or “tincture.” Arms of a similar form were in use all over Europe (in their period) but the description here is based mainly on the British variants. Includes liberal sketch illustrations and a full page diagram of the “Marshalling.”

Gleaned from: Acadiensis - Jan. 1906, Vol. 6 No.1, Published: 1906

by: Edward Marion Chadwick

Size: (pages) 45, (download) 2.6MB

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