The Columbia - 1906, (Cunard) From: “Acadiensis,” by: David Russell Jack


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The Cunard’s Columbia was the first steamship to be wrecked in the area of Sable Island. The accident took place on “The Devil’s Limb,” near Cape Sable, Nova Scotia on 2nd July, 1843, at 10:00 p.m. She was on her regular “mail” run between Boston and England and was headed in for a “pickup” at Halifax. A number of vessels came to the aid of the stranded Columbia, rescuing passengers and crew and taking off valuable cargos, such as the mail.

The rescuers included the Margaret, a sister ship in the Cunard line, carrying the Hon. Samuel Cunard who was in Halifax at the time. All 85 passengers and the ships crew were saved.

Gleaned from: Acadiensis - Jan. 1906, Vol. 6 No.1, Published: 1906

by: David Russell Jack

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