The Scotch-Irish in the General Synod of the Reformed Presby. Church of North America.


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Content Description: David Steele traces the origins of the Reformed Presbyterian Church back to Britain in the early 1700’s and follows its spread through its “landing” in Philadelphia and subsequent dispersion throughout the American colonies, both north and south. The author names many individuals important in the church’s further development up to the time of this publication.

This Gleaning was extracted from a book borrowed from the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa (BIFHSGO) library. We ask you to join with us in thanking BIFHSGO for allowing us to provide a wider access to their fine collection of family history information via these digital copies.

Gleaned from: The Scotch-Irish in America, Third Congress, 1891, Published: 1891

by: David Steele

Size: (pages) 8, (download) 2.1

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