Sketch of Peter Teeple, Loyalist and Pioneer, 1762 - 1847 - 1899, by: W. B. Waterbury


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Content Description: After falling victim to a personal injustice at the hands of the US revolutionary army, Peter Teeple joined the British New Jersey Volunteers wherein he rose to the rank of Captain. After the British defeat he was exiled to Halifax, Nova Scotia , moving on from there to New Brunswick and then, as part of the “Mabee party,” to “Turkey Point” (now Long Point) in what is now Charlotteville Township in Norfolk County, Ontario. The sketch follows the fortunes of Peter, his descendants, and those of the other pioneer families of the area as they took a central part in the war of 1812 and in the development of Charlotteville into the thriving community which now exists on the north shore of Lake Erie.

Gleaned from: Papers & Records Vol. I (1899), Ontario Historical Society, Published: 1899 (The complete source document is available as Catalogue Number CA0171-99)

by: W. B. Waterbury

Size: (pages) 11, (download) 1.4 MB

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