Who's Who in and from Newfoundland - 1927 (by Download)


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The title continues: “A chronology of the chief events in the history of the Island since its discovery, and a review of the principal commercial and industrial enterprises of the country.” Edited and Published by R. Hibbs (1876-1940).

We have extracted selected statements about the book's aims and purpose from its own description - specifically from the Preface - to provide you with as accurate a guide to its wonderful content as possible, e.g., on how the Subject individuals were selected we have:

“In the compilation of the work we have been guided by democratic principals, hence its scope is comprehensive enough to include more than merely the outstanding public figures, and the more prominent professional and business men.

Has a man or a woman played, or are they playing any part above the common in the affairs of the Country? Their relation to the outstanding affairs and the general development of Newfoundland is shown in the brief account of their career in its pages. To do this as fairly and as accurately as possible is the actuating motive of this compilation.

An effort has been made to include the biographical sketches of prominent Newfoundlanders domiciled in other lands. … We have secured, wherever possible, photographs of those whose biographies appear …”

“In addition to the biographical section we have undertaken, likewise to describe some of the Industries and commercial enterprises of the Country, hence a brief history of some of the most prominent concerns are published herein.

A section furnishing general information on Newfoundland has been added and care has been taken to have this brief outline of the most outstanding events in our country's history as accurate and as reliable as possible."

While the book does offer its own Index (or table of Contents), it can only provide reference to the principal subjects, whereas, any reasonable biography will make some reference to their family and influential colleagues, which increases the number of specific individuals mentioned to many times that shown in the printed, subjects index. Our digital edition provides an index to every word in the book making it possible to extract the maximum amount of information, and names, from its data-stuffed pages.

The book mentions, several times, that this 1927 edition is the first issue of what is expected to be an annual series. We, however, found only two later editions by this author, dated 1933 and 1937 and so are forced to conclude that - in its own time - it was not particularly well received. Now, however, we believe that the true value of this snap-shot into the past, and hence into the future, of Newfoundland will be more fully appreciated.

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This original copy of the 1927 edition has been carefully scanned at 400dpi, to provide high fidelity reproductions of every printed page, OCRed for search-ability and the resulting text hand edited for close to perfect transcription.

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