Prominent People of New Brunswick - 1937 Compiled by Lieut.-Colonel, C. H. McLean


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Title continues: in the Religious, Educational, Political, Professional, Commercial and Social Activities of the Province. Also, a Brief Historical and Biographical Reference to New Brunswickers of the Past and to others of the Province who have Attained Prominence Elsewhere.

Compiled by Lieut.-Colonel, C. H. McLean (1877 - 1940) and published by “The Biographical Society of Canada Limited” in 1937, this lengthy title doesn’t leave much that needs to be added to give you a picture of the content of this book.

The Preface indicates that it had been 37 years since the previous publication of a similar book of New Brunswick biography allowing for the growth a full new generation of individuals who might fit the qualifications required to have an entry in these pages.

In the traditions of “oldest first,” the book starts with a brief history of New Brunswick told from the point of view of those individuals who were the instigators of notable events, rather than the more traditional perspective of the events themselves. Following this is a listing of “Prominent People of the Past” the list being arranged in the order of their date of birth and providing a concise biography for each.

The main portion of the book is occupied by the list of living “Prominent People” although I have failed to discover in what order they are arranged (if any.) Individual listings vary in length from a line or two to over a whole page. The average length seems to be about 20% - 25% of a page or about 150 words. Included information is (usually) parentage, education, qualifications, work experience, offices held, marital status, politics and domicile. This section is completed by the extraction into separate groups of certain professions, such as Educators and Churchmen and other distinct groupings such a Women and those living outside New Brunswick. Finally there is an extensive index to the book arranged alphabetically by family name EXCEPT for having separate indices for the separated groups and including, surprisingly, a list of individuals who were “qualified” to appear in the book - but don’t!

As is common with this type of printed index, it only lists the primary subjects of the biographies and fails to include the names of all others mentioned as being associated with the subject such as wives, partners and other quite intimate acquaintances. In this digital edition this shortfall is remedied by our computer search capability which effectively indexes every word and phrase contained in the book. Our search function is further enhanced for our FastFind technology which renders search results almost instantaneously.

Page Numbering:

The publisher of this book used some very unusual systems to number the pages which resulted, in one case, with the same number being applied to two completely separate pages and in another to a significant gap in the page numbering which was occupied by several smaller sections being numbered from “1” but bearing a letter identifier. We do our best to make the books electronic page numbering align with the printed page numbering but a very logical machine like a computer has difficulty with such a notional numbering systems. In one of the early sections of the book the numbering changes from lower case “Roman” numerals to “Arabic” numerals while the numeric page values continue to increment by ones. This is just confusing so we have made electronic numbering of the whole of this early section lower case Roman while the page images remain in Arabic. In ordering your computer to jump to a specific page please ensure you are using the exact format of page number used by the electronic page numbering system.


While hand correcting the results of the Optical Character Reading process we discovered some “innovative” spelling has been used when printing this book. Where it was clear that there was a spelling error we have probably “corrected” the invisible text layer on the CD to use the conventional spelling. (The page images are NOT changed so you may “find” a word which is an incorrect spelling of your search term.) There is NO CONVENTIONAL spelling of names, however so we have had to leave these words as they appear in the book - even if the same name is spelled several different ways in the same passage of text.

When searching for names then, be prepared to use “sound alike” spellings and even variants which would result from typesetting errors, such as letter pair reversals, and French / English variants of the same word.

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