Skye Pioneers & The Island - 1929 (PEI, Canada) by Malcolm A. MacQueen (by Download)


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The author of this book, Malcolm A. MacQueen, is descended from a family which lived for many years on the Isle of Skye, one of the inner Hebridean Islands of Scotland, which accounts for his emphasis on the Scottish settlers from that area. His book, however, is actually about the settlers from all over Britain brought to, and settled in, Prince Edward Island (PEI) by Lord Selkirk’s program of emigration starting after c1803.

Lord Selkirk sold off portions of his estates on PEI to these emigrants, which meant that all of this settlement took place on the western side of the southern most promontory of the Island - the settlement origins being around Belfast. The early part of the book concentrates on the initial development of this area - not only the physical but also the social and communal aspects - with quite a concentration, as is appropriate for a committed Presbyterian community, on the development and leadership of the church.

Moving along, and taking account of the arrival of additional settlers, the book studies the expansion of surrounding centres of development such as Orwell, Uigg, and Murray Harbour Road. While detailing the development of the physical farms, mills, churches and buildings is necessary, the author also recognizes that none of this would be important without the people, so he takes great care to ensure that individuals and families are named, and recognized, as they relate to their settlement on individual parcels of land. As the story progresses through the book it becomes more and more about the people until, towards the end of the book, it is essentially a report of the growth of local families, including in many cases, a family “tree” stretching to several generations.

The book notes that there were quite a few Scots emigrating to North Carolina over a period of the 60 years leading up to the early 1800’s Selkirk emigrations but it was becoming a more and more difficult process, so the Selkirk emigration was a good solution to any Scott looking for a life in the New World. Further, once landed in PEI further westward movement (onto the mainland) was difficult due to both physical and political conditions so the emigrants tended to stay where they landed.

Besides the settlements of Orwell, Uigg and Murray Harbour Road mentioned above the other centres of Selkirk sponsored development mentioned in the book are: Alberry Plains, Dundee, Lyndale and Vernon. So if you know you had ancestors on PEI, who arrived from Britain during the early 1800’s there is a good chance this book will contain something of your ancestors story.

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