Ontarian Families - Vol.II (Stands Alone - 57 family histories many with family arms) (by Download)


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Title Continues: Genealogies of United Empire Loyalists and other Pioneer Families of Upper Canada, by Edward Marion Chadwick (1840-1921) and first published in 1894 (Vol.I), this is Vol.II, published in 1898.

Despite major political events and fundamental changes in our civil structures our family histories remain, and our pedigrees are unchanged. So it is that in a country which celebrates its independence, as recognized by the Acts of Confederation, and no longer recognizes inherited superiority, the descendants of “noble” families can still lay claim to a special heritage, complete with armourial attributes.

As is normal in collections of genealogies, the names of children and of other families associated by marriage (more than 1100 names, some having multiple entries) by far exceeds the 57 family names which are the primary subjects of the volume. While this is the second volume of this 2 volume set it does stand on its own, and the rarity of original copies of both volumes, containing the full colour illustrations of the arms, means it could be years before we obtained access to a first volume to complete the set.

If you are not familiar with this famous genealogy book it contains a number of family pedigrees, mostly starting from the generation which took up residence in North America; either in what was to become the USA or in Canada, but all of whom eventually became residents of Upper Canada - Ontario. Those who were granted the status of United Empire Loyalist, UEL, are clearly identified. In most cases the pedigree provides a preamble which provides information of the pre-emigration history - particularly identifying the areas in which the family became prominent. After recounting the vital events in the lives of the primaries the pedigree goes on to provide the vital information for as many generations as the author could obtain the information, sometimes down to the generation living when the book’s manuscript was completed just prior to the publication date of volume 1 in 1894. In fact this volume also provides a 2 page “Addenda and Corrigenda,” bringing the information of both volumes as “up to date” as possible. The vast majority of the pedigrees are accompanied by a family coat of arms, many in full colour, and some also show additional coats of arms taken up by individual descendants. Each tree is usually completed by a full heraldic description of the primary blazonry, or family arms.

Not only is our digital version of this “standard” Ontario genealogy book reproduced to our high quality of fidelity - including careful reproduction of the many, full page, coloured plates of arms - but it is completely text searchable using our hand corrected OCR’ed embedded text.

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