Galt, Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, Telephone Directory - November, 1958 (by Download))


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The title continues: “and surrounding territories,” and inside the “places” in these “territories” are listed as follows:

Aberfoyle, ACTON, Alma, Ariss, Arkell, Armstrong's Mill, ARTHUR, AYR,

BADEN, Bamberg, BELWOOD, Bethany, Blair, Bloomingdale, Blue Springs, Branchton, BRESLAU, Bridgeport, Bright, Broadfoot's Corner,

Cedar Creek, Centreville, Chesterfield, Christieville, Clyde, Conestogo , Crowhin, Creekbank, Crewson's Corner, Crieff, Crosshill, Cumnock,

Damascus, Depew's Corner, Derrynane, Doon, Dorking, Drumbo, Dumfries Township,

Eden Mills, ELMIRA, ELORA, Ennotville, Eramosa Township Esquesing, Erbsville, Everton,

Flamboro Township, Floradale, Four Corners, Freeport, FURGUS,

Gadshill, German Mills, Glen Allan, Glen Christie, Glenmorris, Gourock,

Hampstead, Hawkesville, Haysville, Heidelberg, HESPELER,


Kenilworth, Kingwood, Kingsdale, Kirkwall,

LINWOOD, Lisbon,

Macton, Morden, McCormick's Point, Mannheim, Maryhill, Metz, Milverton, Mimosa, Monck, Morriston, Mount View,

NEW DUNDEE, NEW HAMBURG, Nichol Township, Nithburg,

Olivet, Oustic,

Parkway, Park's Corner, Pentland, Petersburg, Petherton, Phillipsburg, Pilkington Township, PLATTSVILLE, Ponsonby, PRESTON, Puslinch,

Rockton, ROCKWOOD, Roseville,

Salem, Schaw Station, Sheffield, Shiloh, Speedside, Speyside, St. Agatha, St. Clements, ST. JACOBS, Strasburg,


Wallenstein, Washington, Waterloo, WELLERSLEY, West Garafraxa, West Montrose, Winterbourne, Wolverton, Woolwich Township,



The title of this book is fairly self explanatory as to the type of content to be expected, that is Name, Address and number, but additionally businesses generally list their product, speciality, or service.

Issued by the Bell Telephone Company of Canada the directory runs to some 217 pages. A sample line count indicates it contains in excess of 72,000 subscriber listings.

Fully text searchable.

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