A History of the War of 1812


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Full title: A History of the War of 1812 between Great Britain and the United States of America, by James Hannay, originally published 1905.

We are publishing this digital edition in 2011, the year before the 200th anniversary of the outbreak of this war. One of the things which surprised us most in our preparations for this event was to find out that even now there seem to be significantly different perceptions of the causes and purposes of this war, depending on which side of our common national boarder you live. It was this discovery which made me think that the first thing I should make clear, in this description, is that this book was written, before the 100th anniversary, from a Canadian perspective, by an author whose unapologetic sympathies aligned with his British heritage.

That said, the book provides a detailed recording of the events and activities which precipitated the American declaration of war, through all of the recorded actions, and culminating in the Treaty of Ghent in 1814. All of the recognized encounters between the combatants are discussed in as near a chronological order as possible, identifying the armed units and their leaders as well as discussing the larger results of the conflicts at national levels. Throughout there are illustrations of leading figures, pictures of battle fields, reproductions of critical documents, and strategic maps. Of particular note are the illustrations of the fighting men, showing their uniforms, by C. W. Jefferys.

The author has many published books to his credit due, no doubt, to his clear and interesting writing style which manages to carry the reader through what could so easily have been just another history book. A worthwhile read about a subject about which all Canadians and United States Citizens should be familiar.

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