Historical Records of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (Princess Louise's) 1903 -1928 (on CD)

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Formerly the 91st Regiment Canadian Highlanders, also known as “Princess Louise’s A. & S. H. of Canada.” This book, compiled by a committee of officers, W. H. Bruce, W. R. Turnbull and J. Chisholm, provides a review and summary of the activities of this Militia unit over the first 25 years of its existence. In its approx. 100 pages it concentrates on recording the facts rather than providing lengthy tributes and anecdotes. There are numerous photographs of officers and of parades.

After briefly outlining the development of the corps from its roots as a Loyalist company in the American War of Independence and its consequential re-settlement in the city of Hamilton, Upper Canada (later Ontario), the book commences its more detailed history at the formation of the 91st Canadian Highlanders in 1903, as an offshoot of the 13th Battalion which had been raised in 1862 from the citizenry of Hamilton, to amalgamate a number of smaller military groups already established in, and around, that city. Two years later, in 1905 and by Royal Warrant, the Canadian Highlanders became allied with the British Princess Louise’s Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders then in 1920, by virtue of a the Canadian Militia Council abolishing the use of numbers in naming Canadian corps the name finally became The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise’s).

In addition to forming an armed and trained defensive force the unit took pride in the maintenance of Scottish military traditions including the wearing of traditional highland dress. The A & S H’s were fortunate in finding accommodations in a purpose built armoury with a particularly fine Officers Mess which it shared with several other local military units.

At the outbreak of war in Europe in 1914 the Commanding officers offered the services of the A & S H for action at the front but was informed that no Militia units would be accepted for active service. However individual members of the militia were encouraged to volunteer their service to the war effort and as a result many officers and men made their way into military service. The book lists the names of officers, and the number of men who accompanied them, as they entered the rolls of active regular army Battalions (viz.: 16th, 36th, 58th, 76th, 86th, 92nd, 173rd, & the 205th) where they were subsequently send overseas to take part in the fighting. Throughout the course of the Great War the residual officers of the A & S H also played their part by actively recruiting for the overseas regular arm battalions.

A whole chapter of the book is dedicated to listing a chronological history of Regimental Activities starting in 1903 and continuing to 1928, while a further chapter records its activities on competitive Shooting and Athletics (including Scottish Country Dancing). The book concludes with four useful and fact-filled appendices providing the Schedule of Officers, The Records of Service of Officers, An honours list of officers killed in the line of duty and, a diary of prize winners (individual and teams) from competitive shooting matches.

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