McGill University, Directory of Graduates 1946


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Compiled by The Graduates Society with various individuals credited for their efforts towards producing the publication in the Foreword. The book totals to some 535 pages all told, the vast majority of which are taken up by “The Directory” which lists the graduates: Alphabetically, Geographically, and by Class, concluding with a list of those receiving Honorary Degrees. There are also several other supporting sections providing background information about the University, abbreviations used and an Index to the Geographical List. The three sections of the Directory are arranged alphabetically within themselves. Estimated to contain approximately 15,500 names.

The book specifically identifies itself as containing a record of all “living” graduates of degree courses up to, and including, 1946. It does NOT however explain how - or when - non-living graduates were excluded from the directory so we suspect that this may be a case of erring on the side of conservatism and that some non-surviving graduates may also be listed. Also, of course, the possibility of error is admitted so the absence of a particular graduate should not be taken as a sign of their decease prior to 1946.

From the lists one can determine the degree(s) awarded and their most recent contact address, which frequently also indicate the profession or employment taken up. In the case of female graduates - if subsequently married - both their single and married name is shown, also giving the name of their spouse (i.e., nearly equivalent to the information available from a marriage certificate.) Graduates who may have changed their name for other reasons are also identified by both their former and current name. Inevitably some graduates did not keep in touch with the Graduates Society so no current address for them was available for entry in the Directory although their name was still listed. (See also comments on “living” status.)

The triple listing makes manual searching relatively easy if the spelling of a name is in question but the computer search-ability of this digital edition greatly speeds up this process as long as spelling (and printing errors) do not raise the all too frequent spelling uncertainties.

This is an excellent resource for tracking down McGill students who graduated from 1876 to 1946 classes - still thought to be alive - and then went on to live all over the World.

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