Historical Sketch of Markham Township 1793 - 1950 (on CD)


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Published in 1950 to mark the 100th anniversary of the existence of Municipal Government in Markham Township, this book tells the history of the area since the earliest European settlers started to carve themselves a farm - and a living - out of the virgin forest, in 1793. The book is the work of many authors but it was assembled by the Historical Committee of the Markham Municipal Corporation led by Alex. D. Bruce.

Markham is indeed fortunate that the history of at least one of its first settlers is so well recorded and the tales of Nicholas Miller’s family are truly fascinating. Following these primary settlers the book goes on to describe the arrival of the "Berczy Settlers," as well as those who followed giving accounts of their community activities, pastoral, social and municipal. The first part of the book is completed with an annual diary of significant events in the development of the township up until 1950.

The second part of the book is composed of a collection of interesting, but diverse, articles providing such information as the names of "Pioneer Medical Men" and the Development of the Township Roads, to give just two examples.

 A concise, no-nonsense, book of about 106 pages includes copies of many nice old photographs and provides a great grounding in the history of the first 157 years of Markham township's existence and commemorates the memory of many of the area's pioneers and its more publicly visible citizens.

The original book has a table of contents but no index. In this digitized edition, together with the clear, high resolution scans of every page you get full computer search-ability, i.e., an index, of every word in the text with the search speed enhanced by the use of our FastFind technology.

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