Our Bit & First Canadians in France (2 books, one autobiographical, the other fictional.)


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Contains Our Bit, Memories of War Service by a Canadian Nursing-Sister by Mabel B. Clint.

Accounts of the exploits and experiences from the Great War usually emanate from front-line troops of fighting units. But here is the story of a Canadian Nursing Sister, supporting and supplying these front-liners when, as it did to so many, the need arose. Not only then is this a Great War story from a new perspective but also one from the minority of fighting females doing their bit for King and Country.

Written by Mabel B. Clint as a record of her experiences with the Canadian nursing staff , Mabel's account manages to include the big picture without loosing the personal touch of her individual experiences while doing her bit. Her service took her to both the Western and the Eastern fronts and after she was rotated back to England she applied for, and received, a second tour of duty at the Western Front.

And as a bonus for this digital republication we are including the full version of an historical novel, The First Canadians in France by F. McKelvey Bell, sub-titled, The Chronicle of a Military Hospital in the war zone.

Let us be clear from the outset, this is a work of fiction. But this allows the book to tell the story of a doctor serving in the Canadian military in a way which more clearly illustrates the experience than any purely factual work. Let us also be clear however that, though this is a work of fiction, it is firmly based in fact. In the words the author chose for his preface:

The pill of fact herein is but thinly coated with the sugar of fiction but if the reader can get a picture, however indefinite, of military hospital life in France, these pages will not have been written altogether in vain.

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