The Scotsman in Canada Vol. 1 - Eastern Canada (on CD)


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This is Volume 1 of a 2 volume set which is considered the definitive treatise on the distribution, and achievements, of the “sons” of Scotland in the European colonization of(now) Canada. The two volumes separate the colonization of Canada geographically into the Eastern and Western Provinces, Vol. 1 dealing with those in the East with the singular exception of a discussion of the Fur Traders of Montreal, which is included in Vol. 2. 

Because of the enormous scope and breadth of the subject matter to be treated, a separate author was chosen for each volume : William Campbell, LL.D., for Volume 1. A side benefit of this tactic was that both volumes could be published at the same time, approximately 1911, although neither volume has a declared publication date. A drawback is that there are some fundamental differences between the format of the two books (page size for instance), which can be a little distracting at first.

The following is extracted from the Preface to Vol. 1:

“In the making of this volume my chief object has been to produce a work which will be of use to those desiring a knowledge of the origin of the early Scottish settlements or community-centres of Canada.

Keeping this idea steadily in view, I have in this volume, … dealt, first of all, with the many settlements which were essentially Scottish, and have laid stress on the other chief centres of Scottish life and influence in some of the leading cities, commencing with Nova Scotia and concluding with the later but scarcely less important immigration into Huron and Bruce in the Upper Lake region of Ontario. I have also in this connection given, where I was able to do so, lists of the founders and pioneers of such settlements, hoping that they might be of value to students in future individual research.”

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