Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry: A History - 1946 (on CD)


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The author of this stunning work, John Graham Harkness, KC, is well qualified for the job being a lifetime resident, and a descendent of one of the earliest settling families in the area. Over the years members of his family had undertaken important and influential rolls in the development of the area.

As is traditional with this type of work, author Harkness adopts a chronological basis for the layout of his book starting with the almost simultaneous arrival of European settlers from both Scotland and from the Palatinate area of Germany. This early (1700’s) settlement marks one of the earliest settlements in what was later to become Canada West, then Upper Canada and, today, Ontario. Further pioneering settlement resulted from an influx of United Empire Loyalists (UELs), escaping the unbridled consequences of their defeat in the American War of Independence.

This is an easy to read, and interesting account of settlement making much use of the retelling of the deeds and life stories of the actual settlers so the reader may simultaneously learn about the area’s history as well as that of those who lived through it.

As the story of the area’s development proceeds so the author introduces more and more detail into his writing, creating whole chapters devoted to specific topics such as civil unrest, schools and churches, industry, the press, Lawyers and Doctors, and culminating in a wonderful chapter labeled “Miscellaneous” which serves as a catch-all for all the wonderful stories, collections and other valuable details, which would not fit into the earlier chapters.

The over 600 pages of text in this book are liberally illustrated with maps, line drawings, landscapes and photographic portraits of notable inhabitants, and is a “must have” for anyone researching ancestors from this historic area. High Quality images of every printed page in the book, made completely computer searchable with enhanced search speed through the use of our FastFind technology.

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