The History of the Parish of Hull Quebec, 1823-1923. by Rev. E. G. May & W. H. Millen. (on CD)


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The by line in this book credits the Rev. E. G. May and Walter H. Millen as the ‘compilers’, but from the preface it is clear that much of the content was taken from a series of articles first published in The Montreal Churchman in 1913 and authored by Archdeacon Naylor. This original material has then been enhanced and expanded by a number of other named individuals to finally arrive at this more complete history of the Church of England in the city of Hull, Quebec.

Now, don’t let me mislead you into thinking this is purely about the church because, of course, the church was the centre of the local society and so the story of the church is also the story of the community, and vice versa. The first of the church’s representatives, the Rev Mr. Meach, settled in the area within a few years of Philemon Wright’s pioneering influx in the early 1800’s and thus began the parish of Hull (although not named as such at the time.)

The first actual church building, St. James’, was conceived in 1820 and the book traces the story of the building and use of this and the subsequent structures through to the date of the book’s publication.

Of particular value is the books appendix which, in addition to reproducing a number of documents of critical importance to the church’s development also contains various lists of the bishops, incumbents, wardens and those parishioners making donations to fund the actual building of the first church.

This is 80 pages packed with valuable information about the earliest years of the development of the Ottawa - Hull region.

The lack of either a table of contents or an index makes the ability to computer search our reproduction of the book on CD a valuable addition, greatly enhancing accessibility to the information it contains.


Considering that this little book only has a paper cover to protect it, it is in amazing condition for its 85 years age. This is partly due to its being assembled using the same techniques used for more expensive binding techniques. The cover, on the other hand, was definitely showing signs of wear and we have applied a little first aid to keep it together.

This valuable book has been loaned to us by its proud owner, Karen Prytula. We were pleased to receive her offer to allow us to scan the book so we could help her to preserve it and at the same time make it more available. Please join us in thanking Karen, and letting her know that her generosity is being appreciated.

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