The Story of Old Kingston - 1908


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In her Preface the author, Mrs. Agnes Maude Machar (1837 - 1927), makes clear her aim is to provide an all embracing, detailed, account of the history of Kingston from its earliest beginnings and she certainly seems to have achieved her aim - with great success.

Her recounting of the story of Kingston is also surprisingly similar to an accounting of the history of Upper and Lower Canada over the same period detailing the influenced of, for instance:18.00

The explorations of Frontenac and of La Salle from 1673.

The “takeover” of governance from the French, by the British, concluding in 1760.

The consequence of the War of Independence between the 13 lower North American colonies and British forces, resulting in the influx of United Empire Loyalists in 1783.

The three year “border” war between the newly independent United States of America and the joint British & Canadian forces starting in 1812.

The Asiatic Cholera epidemics of 1832 & 34

The Upper Canada civil Rebellion of 1837.

The establishment of “Responsible government” of “Canada” by “Canadians” in Kingston, even if only for a few years before it was removed to Ottawa c1858.

Finally the growth of the fame and reputation of the city as a military, commercial and educational centre up until the publication of this book in 1908.

Agnes, the author, has the gift to provide us with both the “big picture” and the personal history of Kingston in the guise of an interesting and readable story. She even manages to balance the military story with the civilian, both in their separate and their conjoined aspects, a further complication to what might otherwise become a difficult thread to follow.

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