Anson Gard's "Ottawa Valley" - The Hub and the Spokes & the Pioneers of the Upper Ottawa on one CD


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This is a compilation CD containing the whole of two popular books by American Author Anson Gard, "The Hub and the Spokes," CA0001 and "Pioneers of the Upper Ottawa," CA0189. Published in 1904 and 1906 respectively these two books provide a fund of historical and genealogical information about the Ottawa / Hull area including a lot of the surrounding area "up" the river Ottawa's valley.

"The Hub and the Spokes" is cleverly constructed to give a readable history of the Canadian Capital (the Hub) and particularly its people. It also contains some accounts of the Ottawa Valley (the Spokes), with references here and there of many other parts of the Dominion and its history. This is a very readable book full of interesting little cameos on the social and cultural history of the Ottawa area. In his literary character of "Rube" Anson Guard records a series of conversations with his traveling companion, "The Colonel" as he describes visits to places and people in the area. He is a consummate "name dropper," so the book records many hundreds, perhaps thousands of the names of the populace in turn of the century Ottawa.

In "Pioneers of the Upper Ottawa and the Humors of the Valley - South Hull and Aylmer edition," Anson Gard is less concerned with the (then) current state of the cities of South Hull and Aylmer, but concentrates his attentions on their origins and development paying particular concern to identifying and describing the pioneers and their families. He expended a great deal of his time in researching this book interviewing the children and families of the pioneers for anecdotes and reminiscences of those bygone times and of the people. Having extracted his material from these not always willing interviewees he sets down their recollections for us to read in a way which brings them to life and frequently raises a chuckle.

Each of the two books on this CD are described in greater detail in our catalogue under their individual titles.

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We are indebted to the Historical Society of Ottawa for kindly loaning us the Pioneers of the Upper Ottawa, so we could reproduce it for you on CD. Please join with us to thank them for their public spirited generosity in allowing us to make this valuable book more accessible. Another successful Archive CD Books Canada cooperative project. Also thanks to the Bytown museum who house and maintain the Society’s book collection.

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