Collections of the Nova Scotia Historical Society 1893 - 95, Vol IX


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One of a series of publications by the Nova Scotia Historical Society, the first of which was published in June 1878. This is number 9 (IX) in the series and collects the papers read before the society in the years 1893 to 1895. The titles of these papers are:

The Voyages and Discoveries of the Cabots (21 pages.)

A Chapter in the History of the Township of Onslow, N. S (33 pages.)

Richard John Uniacke (45 pages.)

Ships of War Lost on the Coast of Nova Scotia and Sable Island, during the Eighteenth Century (17 pages.)

Louisbourg : An Historical Sketch (59 pages including two maps.)

In addition there are three In Memoriam dedications to members of the Society, lists of the current Officers and Members of the Society, and of papers previously published.

It can be seen from their length that these are serious, in depth studies of their subjects. They provide a wealth of information gathered by individuals who were able to directly access information which is now locked away to preserve it. Our CD version of this publication has been formatted for computer text search which will enable you to go directly to the information you need rather than having to read through numerous pages to find it. Compatible with any computer which can read a CD and run a PDF interrupter such as the freely available Adobe Reader™ V4 or later.

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