Papers & Records Vol.III (1901) Ontario Historical Society


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This is a complete reproduction of the papers presented to the Ontario Historical Society in its 3rd. report (1901.) These annual publications are often a gold mine of valuable genealogical and history information but it can be difficult to recognize because the detail tends to be “hidden” by the overall “Papers and Records” volume title. For this reason we also published many of the individual papers presented herein as “Gleanings,” under their more descriptive individual titles.

The contents of this volume do also show some thematic relationships so in addition to the individual Gleanings we are also releasing this complete reproduction.

The following is a list of the titles of the presentations printed in this volume. For further descriptions of those papers noted as being published as Gleanings we suggest you consult our Catalogue’s Gleanings descriptions. For the others the title alone provides an adequate description.


Early Records of St. Mark's and St. Andrew's Churches, Niagara. By Janet Carnochan

Baptisms in Niagara, by Rev. Robert Addison [1792-1832]

Weddings at Niagara, [1792-1830]

Burials, Niagara, [1792-1829]

Register of Baptisms, commencing 29th June, 1817, Township of Grimsby [1817-1822]

Register of Marriages, Township of Grimsby, U. C., commencing Aug., 1817 to April, 1822

Register of Burials in the Township of Grimsby [1817-1822]

Register of Christenings in the Presbyterian Congregation, Township of Newark, Upper Canada [1795-1814]

Register of Births and Baptisms, St. Andrew's Church, Niagara [1830-1833]

Marriages celebrated by Rev. Robert McGill [1830-1834]

(Gleanings: Births/Baptisms - CAG092; Weddings/Marriages - CAG093; & Burials - CAG094)

German-Canadian Folk-Lore. By W. J. Wintemberg (Gleaning: CAG095)

The Settlers of March Township. By Mrs. M. H. Ahearn (Gleaning: CAG096)

The Settlement of the County of Grenville. By Mrs. Burritt (Gleaning: CAG097)

Recollections of Mary Warren Breckenridge, of Clarke Township. By Catherine F. Lefroy (page: 110)

A Relic of Thayendanegea (Capt. Joseph Brant). By Mrs. M. E. Rose Holden (page: 113)

Some Presbyterian U. E. Loyalists. By D. W. Clendennan (page: 117)

The Migration of Voyageurs from Drummond Island to Penetanguishene in 1828 & A List of the Drummond Island Voyageurs. By A. C. Osborne (Gleaning: CAG098)

A Portrait of Father Marquette (page: 167)

A Brief History of David Barker, a United Empire Loyalist. By J. S. Barker. (page: 168)

The Old " Bragh, " or Hand Mill. By Sheriff McKellar. (page: 170)

The Ethnographical Elements of Ontario. By A. F. Hunter, M. A. (Gleaning: CAG099)

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