Early Days at Port Ryerse, Ontario - Pub. about 1910 - 1920. Author, George J Ryerse


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The story of the settlement and development of this Norfolk county town from the point of view of a descendant of the first registered settler. This booklet is not dated but we estimate it was published in the 1910 to 1920 era. The author George J Ryerse was born in 1851 and so was well situated in time to have access to both the earliest family recollections as well as the development of the port into the age of simpler transportation and greater political stability.

Most of the book is concerned with the physical and social development of the town but towards the end Mr. Ryerse also gives us some interesting biographical sketches. There is also a 2 page map of the port, which is not dated but appears to have about the same extents as another early map we have seen showing the original plan for the town.

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