One Hundred Years with the Baptists of Amherst, N.S. - 1910


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Published to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Baptists church in Amherst, many hands participated in the writing and editing of this book although Rev. D. A. Steel, D.D. and Mrs. Grace McLeod Rogers receive special mention for their sizeable contributions.

As could be expected the book is a recapitulation and recording of numerous old documents and the memories of those who had lived through much of the preceding years. There tends to be a preoccupation with the recording of the lives of the pastors, both resident and visiting, who had taken care of the church during the period, and with the fabric of the building where the meetings had taken place. But the members of the congregation are not ignored and they are singled out and recognized where appropriate within the recounting starting with a list of the first 18 members of the church. Indeed the text concludes with chapters dedicated to listing the Assistant Pastors, Licentiates, and Deacons who had held office throughout the 100 years. Following a program of the celebratory events (scheduled to take place over a four day period) there is a list of resident and non-resident members of the church - taken to be contemporary although, no such designation is obvious in the book.

One interesting revelation which is made early in the book is that, as a result of newly (at the time) discovered records, it seems that the centenary should have been been held in the previous year (1909) as there is a mention of a church meeting being held in 1809.

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