Down in Nova Scotia - 1934


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The title continues: “My Own, My Native Land.” Written by local born author, Clara Dennis, this is the first in her famous trio of books which captured the essence and landscape of Nova Scotia in the 1930’s and 40’s. Clara used a relaxed and informal, almost gossipy, style to pass to the reader not only the hard facts but also the feeling of the beloved Province as she traveled through it, pausing to explore when and wherever something caught her interest. As a result the reader is transported back to that time and place almost as if the experience were personal and direct.

Of course such a writing style results in an almost butterfly like sampling of all sorts of of subjects; from landscape to legend and from architecture to anthropology, making a brief and succinct précis  almost impossible. Instead, below is an extraction of some of the names - and a couple of subjects - in the books Table of Contents which provides some guidance through the 410 pages and 21 chapters. The extracted names are mostly personal and geographic, but they also include at least one example of a traditional First Nations mythical figure.

To learn more about the author, a full biography may be found on the website of the Nova Scotia Archives:

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Names from Table of Contents:

Abbe Sigogne.; Acadia College.; Acadians (expulsion from Sand Hills.); Alexander, Sir William.; Alline, Henry.; Allain's River.; Angel Amireau's will.; Annapolis.; Auburn (Episcopal church at.); Avon River (The).; Babin, Marie - Acadian.; Baccaro.; Pombcoup, Baron de.; Barrington.; Port Royal, Basin of.; Bear River.; Bedford Basin.; Benoni d'Entremont.; Birch Cove.; Inglis, Bishop, at Aylesford.; Blomidon.; Bowers, Philip and Abigail.; Burchtown.; Canning.; Cape Roseway Light.; Cape Sable Island.; Cape Sable.; Cape Split.; Champlain (The gardens).; Charnisay.; Chebogue (the lupin trail to).; Christ Church.; Citadel Hill.; Tour, Claude de la.; Clermont; McNutt, Alexander, Col.; Noble, Col.; Cornwallis.; d'Entremont, Cyraque .; De Mings, Anthony.; Digby Neck (The Ward House.); Digby, Admiral.; Digby.; Doane, Edmund.; Ellershouse.; Ericson, Leif.; Fairy Lake.; Fort Edward.; French Landing.; Ruggles, General .; General's Bridge.; Glooscap (the legend.); Glooscap's Grandmother.; Grand Pre.; Granville.; Gravenstein (a famous apple tree).; Grosses Coques.; Gunning Cove.; Haliburton House.; Halifax Explosion.; Hawk (The).; Hichens, Mary (heroine.); Indian Hill.; Jordans, The.; Kedgemakoogee.; Kemptville.; Kent, Duke; King's College.; La Tour.; Lockeport.; Long and Briar Islands.; MacKinnon, Col. Ranald (and clan.); McGills of Ohio.; McNutt's Island.; Mill Cove.; Mink Cove.; Morden.; Mountain Cemetery.; Mud Island.; Grand Pre, Old Covenanters' church.; Pereau Road (the).; Peter Stuart, (loss of).; Port Clyde.; Port Hebert.; Port La Tour fort.; Port Maitland.; Port Royal.; Port Royal.; Prescott House (the).; Prince's Lodge.; Pubnico & the Acadians.; Quinan.; Rand, Silas.; Rappe pie.; Roberts Island.; Robie, Simon Bradstreet.; Roseway.; Round Bay Beach.; Sable Island; Sackville River at Bedford.; Sand Hills.; Sandy Cove; Sandy Point.; Scots Bay.; Seal Island.; Shelburne.; Sir Robert Borden.; Slavery & slaves.; Smith, Archelaus.; Springhaven.; St. Alphonse de Clare.; St. Bernard (church).; St. John's Anglican church, Fairview.; St. Mary's Bay.; Starrs of Starr's Point (the).; Street, Robie; Titanic Disaster.; Town Point.; Trinity Church.; Tupper, Sir Charles, (grave of.); Tusket.; Uniacke, Richard John.; Wedgeport.; Wellington Dike (the).; Welshtown.; Western Head .; White, Gideon.; Wilkins, Isaac.; Wilkins' Folly.; Windsor.; Wolfville.; Yarmouth.

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