The Royal Montreal Regiment 1925 to 1945


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This is the second volume of the history of the Royal Montreal Regiments, picking up when the previous one left off in 1925 and continuing through the whole of the regiments involvement in the second World War. Essentially the history given in this book ends with the dismissal of the unit from the parade marking its return to Montreal on 10 September 1945 but there are two additional chapters which deal in some detail with the individual members of the Regiment and a further chapter recounting the history of the 2nd (Reserve) Battalion from its formation in 1943 to its dissolution in 1945.

Completing the volume are a number of appendices giving the Honour Role, Honours and Awards, an Index of Persons and a Regimental Index (persons and military units identified in the book.) So you can find out if the person you are seeking appears in this volume we have extracted the names from the Index of Persons, the link may be found on our Military Downloads web page. You can also reach this list by clicking on the following link List of Persons. You can return to this page by closing the List Page when you are ready to purchase.

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Both the first and second volumes of the Regimental history were ably written by Robert Collier Fetherstonhaugh. Sadly he didn't live long enough to see the publication of this book and there is a dedication to him in the book's opening pages.

The book is liberally illustrated with 19 pages of multiple photographs the great majority captioned with the names of the individuals appearing in them. It is also fully searchable using Adobe Reader. This will be of great assistance to anyone researching a specific person, location, or event. There are also 6 sketch maps showing the locations inhabited by the Regiment during their campaign. These maps include locations both in England and Europe. Lastly there is a chart showing the "genealogy" of the Regiment from 1914, making it easier to follow the various developments, identities and duties that applied during its illustrious "career."

This wonderful book has been loaned to us in memory of the Late Harry King D'All, who served with the RMR in England throughout the war and was peacetime RSM of the same regiment. This loan was made possible by his children, Helen D'All (Montreal), Dan D'All (South Haven, Mississippi) and Maggie D'All Dugard (Pickering, Ontario) as well as his grandsons Liam McGintny (Montreal) and Tim & Tyler Dugard (Pickering).

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