The Royal Montreal Regiment, 14th Battalion, C. E. F. 1914-1925


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A complete and detailed history of the 14th Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force starting with its formation in August 1914 from the: 1st Regiment (Canadian Grenadier Guards), 3rd Regiment (Victoria Rifles) and 65th Regiment (Carabiniers de Mont-Royal) through to its reorganization in 1920 when it was combined with the Westmount Rifles to become The Royal Montreal Regiment. Thus, this is a history of the activities of the 14th Battalion through the Great War of 1914 - 18, in which it took an active and decisive part.

The author, R. C. Fetherstonhaugh, was given access to many official records in the writing of this history and he has done a great job in organizing and tabulating the factual data so that it is easy to find and understand. In particular he has provided 6 appendices giving the Honor Role, Honors and Awards received (2 categories), Commissions, the Battalion's Itinerary and the statistics.

But that isn't to say this is a dry book of facts. Far from it! Mr. Fetherstonhaugh has an interesting and understandable writing style which brings these cold hard facts to life and gives us a true insight into the lives of the members of the Battalion as they lived through this terrible ordeal. But yet again, he manages to inject a note of humor now and again. His description of a cheery little game invented by the members of the Battalion, at the top of page 10, is bound to bring a smile to the face of the reader.

There are 21 photographs, many taken on the battlefield, and 6 sketch maps illustrating the campaigns, amongst the 334 pages of this book. Reading it will reward the reader with a rare insight into what it was like to be a Canadian soldier taking part in The Great War.

The book is fully searchable using Adobe Reader, which will be of great assistance to anyone researching a specific person since many members of the battalion are mentioned by name within the text as well as appearing in the appendix lists.

This valuable book has been loaned to us by Chris Wight. Chris has joined Marc Leroux to undertake the mammoth task of making a biographical database of all the Canadians who took part in The Great War. This work will be underway for a long time, but the current data base contents have been made available and can be found at , please visit their site so they know their work is being appreciated.

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