History of the County of Bruce - 1906; by: Norman Robertson.


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When writing this history the author, Norman Robertson, determined that he would record as much of the experiences of the original pioneers as he could and, in his own words, It was not long before the author became aware that he had not commenced a day too soon. Death was very busy among the old pioneers, and in a short time he would have been too late.

These first hand testimonies and his experience as the Treasurer of the County and as the secretary of its Historical Society gave Norman an ideal base from which to record a fascinating and exhaustive narrative giving glimpses of the County's birth and development, both on the grand scale and at the detail level of everyday life.

Often this very breadth and depth of the history of an area as large and diffuse as a county leads to a confusing and hard to read document, but not in this case because the author took care how he organized the work. In his own words again; The first eleven chapters of this work refer to the county at large. Then follow twenty-seven chapters, each of which deals with a separate minor municipality. This structure allowed Norman to deal with his subject at all levels with only the minimum of repetition necessary to make each topic self contained.

We may have to thank Norman's background in the Bruce Historical Society, for he was obviously aware of the value of this record to genealogists. He takes every opportunity to record the names of specific individuals wherever he could, including notes on their genealogy and familial connections, in addition to identifying their contribution to the community. One footnote, for instance, provides the, Names of the heads of families who settled on the 8th concession of Huron.

To illustrate his narrative the author provides copious pictures and appendices. These have subjects ranging from an 1869 celebratory procession to a listing of the members of the Bruce County’s militias.

Although the author has provided an extensive index, we have made the whole of the text computer searchable, including applying our FastFind technology so your searches take next to no time.

This is an invaluable resource for anyone researching the early history of Bruce or for Family Historians with heritage in the county.

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