Cape Breton, Canada, at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century - published 1903


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A wonderful book about a beautiful part of Canada by C. W. Vernon. This is a very hard book to describe in a few words. Is it a social and political history of Cape Breton?.... Yes! Is it a description of the Island? ... Yes! Does it describe the important mining industries? ..... Yes! Does it talk about fishing? .... Yes! Does it talk about boating?...... Yes! Does it give the history of the French in Louisburg? .... Yes! Does it describe the major Cities at the turn of the last century? ..... Yes! Does it describe the life and habits of the native 1st nations peoples? .... Yes! Is there any thing of importance in Cape Breton that it doesn't cover? ..... Well I haven't noticed it yet!

It even includes a history and description of the Cape Breton Highlands - in Gaelic! (Sorry, no translation.)

The production values in this book were very high. It has very good (for 1903) clear text, high quality paper, there are also hundreds of photographs and illustrations. This has allowed us to make a nice clear reproduction. There are even two 'colorized' plates of moonlight and sunset on the water in the original and we've put color copies of those in our contents page. The book also includes copies of several maps, charts and plans including Champlain's map of Cape Breton in 1692, another made by Nicholas Denys in 1672, a chart of the Louisburg fortifications in 1746 and contemporary (1903) charts of Louisburg and Sidney harbors. There's even a map of the World showing Sidney as its center.

Highly recommended for those of you with any interest in this historic part of the Atlantic Provinces.

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