Canada in the Great World War, Volume 4. - The Turn of the Tide


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This is the 4th volume of the 6 volume “Canada in the Great War” set. With such a large subject spread over a total of approximately 2700 pages it is difficult to capture the contents of each volume in just a few words. Add to this that there were over 31 separate authors in all and it is inevitable that some subjects may be discussed in more than one volume. However, the following is a list of the chapter contents for this volume.

The subject matter is organized in approximately chronological order, especially given that the volumes were published individually over a period ranging from 1917 to 1921. These publication dates also indicate that what the authors are describing has the accuracy of fairly recently formed memories. On the other hand it also indicates that the writings may be influenced by the extremely emotionally disturbing events of the war.

Take particular note of the “Appendices” included in this volume, they contain valuable concentrated factual information. This volume also contains a useful chronology of significant events through the subject period.


Ch. I Introductory

Ch. II The Somme Offensive

Ch. III The Canadians at Vimy Ridge

Ch. IV The Siege of Lens

Ch. V Battle Of Passchendaele Ridge


I. Canada in the War at Sea

II . Canada's Motor Machine Gun Corps

III. The Canadian Cavalry Brigade

IV. Canadian Prisoners of War in Germany

V. Rehabilitating the Returned Soldier

VI. Chronological Account of the Great World War, 1916

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