Gazetteer and Business Directory, Canada published in 1930 (Inc. Newfoundland)


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A wonderful book with a truly misleading original title. Of the almost 2000 pages in this book the gazetteer takes up 70 while the rest are devoted to a wonderfully complete directory of Canadian businesses and professional people and their advertising. This is a great resource in a Country where early directories are so scarce.

Both the gazetteer and the Business Directory are indexed by Province but the Business Directory is also sub-indexed by trade or profession. So, if you are looking for someone who was a Grocer in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan you can go straight to the alphabetized list of 71 candidates, most of who were trading under their own name rather than under a company name. In fact the vast majority of the businesses listed were named for the owner including, of course, the professional listings for Physicians, Veterinarians, Barristers, Insurance Agents, etc.

To help you we have included the OCR'ed search layer behind the page images as usual. You should note, however, that this book is so crammed with information, the very small, close packed, type used has meant that the recognition process was not up to the standard we have come to expect. Search success rates should still be in the high 90% range but a human search is strongly recommended if the computer search doesn't find your information right away.

A really good trade directory for the whole of Canada in 1930 with a bonus of a very detailed gazetteer for each Province in the Dominion and Newfoundland which would not be confederated until 1949. Notably missing are any listings for the North West territories, surprising in view of its population of about 9,000 compared to the Yukon's population of about 4,000 which has generated a listing of over half a page.

Another one for the must have list.

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