The Storied Province of Quebec - 1931, Volumes 1 and 2 - History


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According to Col. William Wood, the editor in chief of this book, This is, … the first which has ever taken the whole Province, Past and Present, as its theme. This claim is even more surprising considering the relatively recent publication date of 1931. On the other hand the magnitude of the task which William undertook with such spectacular results may well have defeated previous attempts. The History section of this book runs to almost 1300 pages of text and illustration and has been packaged as two volumes - although it reads as a single contiguous work.

The written details of the history are bought to life by many clear and detailed illustrations, nearly all taken from photographs and beautifully reproduced. If you are looking for a comprehensive history of the Province of Quebec then look no further, you have found it!

This 2 volume history section of the book contains both a Table of Contents and an Index, to make the contents of the book accessible but our CD reproduction has made access even more convenient because it is now completely computer searchable, and even this access has been enhanced because we have enabled out FastFind technology so your searches can be completed in mere seconds.

The 3 volume Biographies section can be found listed under the catalogue number CA0031-B and the complete book comprising all 5 volumes is listed under the number CA0031-S.

There might be a tendency while writing such a work to concentrate only on the overall story of the Province's development but this is certainly not the case here. In addition to the big picture history there are separate, detailed, accounts of the history of both Quebec City and of Montreal, of the Regions and of many individual subjects such as Banking, Church and State, Business, the Churches, Education, etc. The list of the individual topics covered is best explored by reviewing the Table of Contents which we have placed in a sampler and made available on our web site for your review.

I should hasten to add that William did not attempt this mammoth task on his own but called for contributions from tens of expert historians and authors, many of whose contributions can be found as chapters carrying their own by line. This has resulted in a history written by the experts in the particular subject of their speciality. In his editing William has been at pains to present the story from both the British, French and Quebecois perspective so that the reader can obtain a complete and rounded view of the events forming the Province.

* Quebecois is used here to identify someone who considers Quebec to be his home as opposed to someone living in Quebec but considering himself an immigrant or visitor from some other nation.

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