Bendigonian Annual Set 1: 1908 and 1911


Cat No.:   AU7038-S1:

(140 pages)

The 'Bendigonian Annual' claims to be a 'mine of information', and it really is. First published in 1908, and published annually, each annual contains a 'Record of the Year' which contains events of happenings through that year locally, statewide and internationally in a chronological list for the year. You will find all sorts of anecdotal information listed. Shipwrecks, who won cricket matches, when various people were elected to council, when the new school opened, an explosion at a mine, various accidents and deaths, the list could go on.

This is followed by special articles, some of which are on local businesses or trades, others are short story fiction.

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Each year is also available individually:

Bendigonian Annual 1908 (see AU7038-1908)

Bendigonian Annual 1911 (see AU7038-1911)

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