Information Victoria and Border Towns


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'Information Victoria' which was published in 1938, is a travel book with an immense amount of information on every town in Victoria and along its borders in South Australia and New South Wales.


The book is divided by district, shires and towns and includes comprehensive information on every town. Each entry gives a description of the shire, includes a street directory, provides public information on police, hospitals, fire, newspapers, major business' and other items of public interest. It also includes names of towns, and brief descriptions and distances to the towns in the shire. Relevant photographs and advertisements are dispersed throughout. Several of the larger towns and areas also include a map.


One section of the book includes road charts with detailed directions on travelling from town to town on different routes from between Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and even to Brisbane as well as around Melbourne and the whole of Victoria.


This title will be of interest to any historian or genealogist with connections to Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales.

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