Ballarat and Vicinity, c1895


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No of pages in original: 237pp

Ballarat and Vicinity by W.B. Kimberly is very rare. It contains a comprehensive account of Ballarat's financial, commercial, mining, and agricultural enterprises; it’s progress and population in the past and possibilities in the future.

The book is divided into two sections, the first containing chapters on Ballarat's history, progress and situation, including an historical account of the area, the city of gold, Realestate, and the old and new. This section contains photos of beautifully designed etches of areas and places in Ballarat.

The second half of the book contains biographies of specific people in Ballarat's history as well as histories of important companies and firms that helped to establish Ballarat. Each of these includes photos.

This book provides an interesting resource for those interested in the history of Ballarat and the people who established it.

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