The Gold Fields of Victoria in 1862


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A comprehensive survey of the Victoria's goldfields in 1862 in response to "two questions ... then occupying a considerable share of public attention in the colony. The first was whether the older fields were showing signs of exhaustion; and the second was the social condition of the miners engaged upon them."

To quote further form the Preface:

The proprietors of The Argus determined to despatch a member of their staff, during the Parliamentary recess, to make the necessary inquiries ... The letters which follow contain the results of the writer's observations. They appeared in The Argus during the months of August, September, and October, 1862. ... A wish was generally expressed that the letters should be republished in a permanent form, more especially for circulation in England, as offering the latest reliable information on the subjects on which they treat. In deference to that wish, and by the kindly accorded permission of the proprietors of The Argus, they are now offered to the public."



The Rich Quartz Reefs of Inglewood

The Antimony Mines of M'Ivor

Tarnagulla and Poverty Reef

The Silver Mines of St. Arnaud

Bendigo (or Sandhurst)

The Whipstick

Maldon—Public Quartz Companies, and the Causes of their Failure


The Chinese on the Gold-fields






Unvisited Gold-fields

Bulla Bulla and its Kaolin

The Social Condition of the Miners

Characteristics of Auriferous Quartz

Method of Extracting Gold from Quartz

Water-Supply for the Gold-fields

Legislative Requirements of the Gold-fields

The Geological Maps of the Colony

Minerals and Metals other than Gold


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