South Australian Police Gazette 1940


Cat No.:   AU5103-1940:

No of pages in original: 579pp

Year published: (1940)


Police Gazettes are a unique, useful and extremely fascinating resource for local, family and social historians as well as researchers in other fields throughout Australia. Compiled to be distributed amongst the police force only, they contain details and information that can not be found anywhere else.

A goldmine of information for any historian, the Police Gazettes contain information such as lists of warrants issued, details of those arrested and discharged (which include physical descriptions of the offender), escaped prisoners (also with descriptions), details of those deserting their wives and families, missing friends, deserters from H.M. Service, lists of cars of motorbikes stolen, inquest verdicts and more. You will also find details on murders, robberies, arson, assault, housebreak-ins, as well as licences granted for Marine Store Collectors and Hawkers. Notices from Police Gazettes from other states are also often included.

Example entry taken from the 25 September 1940 issue:

Missing Motor Number Plate - Lynda McInnes reports missing S.A. number plate S.A.120-021.

Missing Vehicle Licence Disc - Patrick Brian Devitt reports missing milk float disc number either 3166 or 3172 (red).

Missing Motor Trader's Plate - Frank Stanley Sweet report missing motor trader's plate No. D.3564.


Example entry taken from the 26 June 1940 issue:

Apprehensions During the Week

Bertha Laurel Blaser, otherwise Bertha Laurel Busch (44), on complaint, charged with a breach of the Pistol Licence Act at Kilburn; fined 5s and costs 10s; and for a breach of the Firearms Regulation Act, convicted without a penalty, and to pay costs 10s. Evidence obtained by F.C. Fry (E.L.). Tried at Gepp's Cross on 20/6/40.-(C.6226)

Not only is this an invaluable resource for anyone researching in South Australia, but it makes for fascinating reading even if you don't have family there.

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