South Australian Police Gazette 1937


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No of pages in original: 599pp

Year published: (1937)


AU5103-1937 South Australian Police Gazette 1937

During 1937 the South Australian Police Gazette was issued weekly, They were a means to convey information to all South Australian Police Forces of information received relating to any crime, or missing items or person, changes in the force, as well as notifying of methods and procedures that needed to be followed in certain circumstances.

A vast resource of personal information and events - if you find details of a person in a Police Gazette it can lead to very interesting stories, or answer some questions about family stories that have been handed down.

This truly is an historian's goldmine of information which cannot be found elsewhere. Apart from any changes within the police force which are all listed, information is also given on housebreak-ins, robberies, arson, murders, lost horses and cattle, deserters, missing persons, warrants issued, arrests, escaped prisoners, inquest verdicts, and reports on those released. Notices from interstate police gazettes are sometimes included. You will also find some 'photograph Supplements' which have been issued every three months, which includes photographs, together with the names, aliases, criminal history and time served.

Example entry taken from the Photo Supplement 6 October 1937 issue: [three photographs of the person below are shown with this entry]

1412. BRADBURY, FRANK, alias Harry Lauder, alias Fred K. Scott, alias John Casey, alias Frank Brady, alias Frank Drummond, alias John Murphy, alias John Coloquon. See P.G., 1937, page 326. "Discharges". Native of South Africa, labourer, born 1896, 5ft. 9in. high, medium build, fresh complexion, grey hair, hazel eyes, injured nose, medium mouth, square chin.

Adelaide P.C., on 30/6/37, for larceny, six weeks.

Fifty-five previous convictions in Victoria and New South Wales for indecent assault on a male person, false pretences, and minor offences.

Shoplifter. Walked into an unattended tailor's shop and stole a £14 roll of serge. A heavy drinker.

F.P.C. - 13/20, R/., OO/O, 13. S.A. photo. book 25/264, Vic 5/179, and N.S.W. 141/94.

A few unique features appear in this year’s issues:

hawkers' licences

hide, skin and wool dealers' licences

marine stores collectors' licences

Now searchable, these Police Gazettes on CD-ROM open up a world of interesting and comprehensive information about individual people and their lives in South Australia.

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