South Australian Police Gazette 1930


Cat No.:   AU5103-1930:

No of pages in original: 727pp

Year published: (1930)


Example entries taken from the 9 April 1930 issue: [note only a few examples have been extracted]

Apprehensions During the Week

GEORGE McQUEEN, also known a SCOTTY (40), by F.C.'s Sparshott and Nenke, and M.C. Ross (S.A.), for larceny from Francis Matthew Brady, at Modbury; two months. Tried at Tea Tree Gully on 31/3/30.-(C.2686)

GEORGE HENRY WILLIAMS (30), by M.C. Finn (J.F.), for a breach of the Licensed Hawkers Act, at Jamestown; convicted without a penalty. Tried at Jamestown on 2/4/30.-(C.2688)

EDIE SEALEY alias EADIE SEALEY alias NANCY SEALEY (33), for unlawfully pawning property of Norman John Walker, at Adelaide; convicted without a penalty and ordered to pay costs (37s. 6d.). Tried at Adelaide on 4/2/30.-(C.2737)

HAROLD WILLIAM GRAY 92) and SYDNEY HERBERT OSCAR WALTERS (21), on complaint, charged with stealing growing fruit, the property of George Richard Laffer, at Belair; each find £2 and costs £1. Evidence obtained by M.C. Huxley. Tried at Belair on 28/3/30.-(C.2778)

FREDERICK WEST (52), by M.C. Weidenhofer and Truelove, as a rogue and vagabond, at Kersbrook; three months. Tried at Gumeracha on 4/4/30.-(C.2782)

A valuable resource for anyone one researching those in South Australia during 1930. It is also a useful tool for social historians.

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