South Australian Police Gazette 1922


Cat No.:   AU5103-1922:

No of pages in original: 506pp

Year published: (1922)


Example entry taken from the 4 October 1922 issue:

Deserting Wives, Families, etc.

Warrants issued for the following:-

CLARENCE LESLIE SMITH, described as a salesman, 29 years of age, about 5ft. 10in high, fresh complexion, brown hair, usually clean shaven, brown eyes, one front tooth gold filled; charged that on the 1st April, 1922, at Walkerville, he did unlawfully leave without adequate means of support his wife, Olive Ada Smith. He is therefore to be arrested and brought before the Police Court, Adelaide, to be further dealt with according to law. Warrant filed at Criminal Investigation Department, Adelaide.-(C.4005)

Some features of this year:

• lists of discharged prisoners, with descriptions, particulars, convictions, photos, etc

• summaries of unexecuted warrants, with names, date, where issued, offence and police gazette reference

• summary of horses, cattle etc stolen and recovered during 1922, with name and address of owner, brand and other details

• list of Royal Australian Navy deserters absent for two years

• marine stores collectors' and dealers' licences

• list of medical officers appointed to attend destitute persons' in country districts

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