South Australian Government Gazette 1856


Cat No.:   AU5100-1856:

No of pages in original: 1227pp

Year published: (1856)


In each annual volume of government gazettes, you will find information on tens of thousands of ordinary people and places, small and large. With over 1200 pages in this year's issues, you will find details on land transactions, court notices, notice of acts, tenders and contracts, dissolutions of partnerships, local government meetings, criminal activity (names, dates and if apprehended), statistics, unclaimed letters, reward notices, impoundments of cattle and horses, insolvent and bankruptcy notices, police auctions of stolen property, and much more.


Some features of this year’s issues are:

• details of unpaid wages up to the end of June 1856, which includes who to, how much, and what for

• lists of councillors from various local governments

• unclaimed letters - thousands of South Australian residents

• details of criminals, together with their names, dates, criminal activity and if apprehended at the time of publication

• intestate estates, which give details of name, address (colonial residence), address (British or previous residence), moneys received 

• an appendix includes the whole of the "Merchant Ship Act", which includes all the laws relating to ships, deserters and more

Example entry taken from the 28 February 1856 issue:

District of Talunga

Notice is hereby given, that a Public Meeting of the Ratepayers of the above district, will be held on Monday, March 3rd, next, at Scupin's Hotel, Blumberg, for the purpose of electing four persons to serve as Councillors for the ensuring year, in place of those retiring. The election to commence at ten a.m. and close at four p.m. Also, to appoint two Auditors, in the place of David Shannon, Esq., and William Kearney, Esq.

By order of the Board,

Charles Hale, Clerk.

Blumberg, February 11, 1856

A vast resource, now readily available in an easy-to-use format on searchable CD. This is a valuable tool for anyone researching South Australia and its people in the mid 1800s.

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