South Australian Government Gazette 1848


Cat No.:   AU5100-1848:

No of pages in original: 458pp

Year published: (1848)


What is a Government Gazette?

This was an official publication of all Government notices, including the operation dates of Acts of Parliament. Once the notice in the Gazette is published, the public is deemed to have notice of it.

What will I find in a South Australian Government Gazette?

Tens of thousands of ordinary people and localities, small and large, are mentioned every year in Government Gazettes. The issues released in 1848 range from 5-15 pages in length and were released once a week, with occasional special issues. You will find details on proclamations, land transactions, court notices, notice of acts, tenders contracts, appointments and resignations, bankrupt and insolvency notices, impoundments, police auctions, unclaimed letters, storekeepers and publicans licences, rewards on offer, inquest verdicts and much more ...

How can this information help me?

Government Gazettes contain a vast amount of historical and genealogical information. Now that they are on CD you can search for any number of names or places easily. But they offer researchers much more than simply names and places. They will help you reconstruct events and circumstances in the life of individuals and communities.

Example entry taken from the 1 June 1848 issue:

Declarations of Insolvency

I, Edward Charles Webb, formerly off North Adelaide, in the Province of South Australia, Merchant's Clerk, then of Rundle-street, Adelaide, in the said Province, Draper, and now of Hindley-street, Adelaide, aforesaid, Draper, do hereby declare that I am insolvent, and unable to meet my engagements.

Dated this 25th day of May, in the year of our Lord 1848.

Edw. C. Webb

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