Tourists Road Guide: South Australia 4th Ed 1908


Cat No.:   AU5051-1908:

No of pages in original: 111pp

The Tourists' Road Guides for South Australia were published over a period of at least 20 years in the early 1900's. They include a large amount of fascinating information giving insight into the period as well as information on places and people.


The 1908 Tourist Road Guide was the fourth edition and includes the following important features:


22 road maps covering a large portion of the state

descriptions of routes and places

motoring across the continent- Darwin to Adelaide- guide

Darwin to Adelaide by bicycle

parcel rates on railways

interstate railway charges

conversion table

motor and cycling club information

list of South Australian hotels where petrol can invariably can be procured

abstract of The Motor Vehicles Act

driving regulations and

many relevant advertisements

An additional section includes a list of about 1400 registered owners of vehicles and motor cycles in the state including their registration number, name of owner and address.


This book is useful to social historians, motor historians and those with South Australian ancestors.


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