Constitutional History of South Australia


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This book was written by the Honourable Boyle Travers Finniss, J.P, and is a constitutional or political history of the state from settlement in 1836, to the inauguration of responsible government in 1857.


Written in 1886 from first hand experience, by the late Colonial Secretary of South Australia and the first Chief Secretary under responsible government, this book provides great insight and information into the early political history of South Australia. It begins with the establishment of the colony by an Act of British parliament and continues with information on the roles of early government leaders and influential men, the discussion surrounding different early bills of parliament and the passing of acts and their impact, the establishment of a constitution, amendments to it, the structure of parliament and political society and concludes with details on the first session of elected parliament in South Australia.


It gives a comprehensive look at the development of the early political situation in South Australia and contains much primary source material. It will be useful for those interested in South Australia’s early history or politics.

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