Queensland State Electoral Roll 1895


Cat No.:   AU4200-1895:

No of pages in original: 2456pp

Year published: (1895)

Electoral Rolls are the nearest thing Australians have to census records, at least at the end of the nineteenth and start of the twentieth century, and hence, they are both extremely important, and useful for local, family and social historians.

The electoral books for Queensland in 1895, which totals about 2500 pages in two volumes, are divided into the electoral districts of Queensland. Arranged alphabetically by district you will find the details of over 75,000 men who resided in Queensland in this era, and who were qualified (and registered) to vote.

In the 19th century, any male aged 21 years or over, who occupied a house, warehouse or shop, who earned £25 per year or more, or who had held a miner’s licence for six months, was entitled to vote. However, people in some occupations, including the police, military and naval services were ineligible to vote. Persons who owned property in several different electoral divisions were entitled to vote in each. Women in Queensland were not given the right to vote until 1905, so they are not included in this electoral roll.

The following information is included for many (but not all) entries:

• Christian Name and Surname

• Qualification (residence, freehold, leasehold or householder)

• Residence or Property

• Age

• Place of Abode

• Occupation

• Particulars of Qualification

• Date When Claim Received by Electoral Register

• Polling District

This is a valuable tool for those with Queensland connections, in helping establish when and where an ancestor was during 1895.

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