Pugh's Almanac & Queensland Directory Compendium 1896-1900


Cat No.:   AU4115C-1896:

No of pages in original: 6220pp

Year published: (1896-1900)

Directories and almanacs are a valuable resource for local, family and social historians as well as for researchers in other fields of Australian history. They can help establish when and where a person lived, however this is just a starting point. Look further in the directory to find out more about the society in which they lived, the occupations they held and the people they knew.

This CD contains five Pugh's Directories from 1896 to 1900. It includes country and Brisbane trades directories which list the names, addresses and professions of many people in Queensland. It also includes a comprehensive almanac section giving information on weather, events, history of the colony, the government, biographies of 'men of the time' and more.

This CD compendium is a compilation of five individual year editions, each of which can be purchased separately:

Pugh's Almanac and Queensland Directory 1896

Pugh's Almanac and Queensland Directory 1897

Pugh's Almanac and Queensland Directory 1898

Pugh's Almanac and Queensland Directory 1899

Pugh's Almanac and Queensland Directory 1900

This product provides a great tool for researching Queensland history making information that is difficult to find plainly and easily accessible on one CD.

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